Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Mohamad Hazwan bin Nor Mubarak

Bank Islam Internship Programme

Hazwan is an intern at Bank Islam through Bank Islam Internship Programme

Choice of internship

The main reason why I am interested to do my internship with BIMB is because of the exposure to real work experience. I get the opportunity to know how it works in a fast-paced environment. The exposure is really the main reason and also an advantage that I really benefited from.
Other than that, I applied to BIMB because of their well-known graduates' programme. BIMB has a diverse programme that enables the graduates to experience various departments in the bank. An internship at BIMB would act as my career foundation for getting the skills and knowledge I need for my career development. 

Deciding to intern

I decided to do my internship with BIMB because of the flexibility that they are promoting. Ever since the pandemic started, BIMB has implemented the working from home setup. Most of the staff are working from home. However, the flexible working set up by the Bank has given me the opportunity for me to get both working from home and work at the office experience.

I expect to create as many connections and exposure as I can. Getting to know the experience of my other colleagues would help and give me real guidance on what should I do to deliver a quality work output.

An intern’s responsibility

During my internship, I was attached to Compliance Department under the Compliance Academy & Policy unit. What I did during my internship were assist my colleague in preparing training decks on AML/CFT topic for the whole of BIMB training. I was assigned to do a few awareness initiatives regarding AML/CFT matters that were happening in Malaysia and Worldwide. 
Other than that, I was also responsible for reviewing documents and policies that were published by other departments to ensure every policy aligned with the AML/CFT requirement that had been set by the Bank and Bank Negara Malaysia.

Internship experience

My experience internship during the Pandemic was quite challenging; however, my Colleague helped me a lot.  
Tips in working from home are to always communicate with your team members. As an intern, I think it's normal for us to not understand a few terminologies used in the industry. To understand what you are doing, you need to communicate with your team members in order to get the clarifications that you need. To be passive and not show interest to know about the work you are doing would highly impacting to your work quality. 

Do's and Dont's


  • Be Proactive and Optimistic
  • Be Eager and Show Enthusiasm
  • Try to provide Solutions and Fresh Ideas


  • Do not be passive and just wait for the task to be assigned
  • Don’t assume in doing your work. Always ask for confirmation
  • Don’t be unprofessional