Big Bath Sdn Bhd

Retail and Merchandising

Who We Are


  • Market Leader of Bathroom & Kitchen supply in South East Asia before 2027
  • Create employee road map for all our employees and promote them be our business partners
  • Create a sustainable business for all our business partners with the technology advancement that maximize profit with minimal cost

PURPOSE: Provide Affordable quality, Luxury Bathroom Experience Accessible to the world

VISION: Affordable quality, Luxury Bathroom Experience Accessible to the world

9 BigBath outlets nationwide.

First Franchisor in Bathroom and Kitchen Industry In Malaysia (No.SIRI BPF : 007304)

Over 40 years validated by market since 1979 under Leonfast Group.

Monthly serving over 1000 active customers included contractors, designers and traders.

No.1 on social media in Malaysia Bathroom industry.

200k follower in Facebook, SEO Rank top 10 in most search engine.



Big & Fast Result: 

Results speak the loudest. Let the results speak the truth. 

Insist on Standard:

Today’s result is tomorrow minimal standard. 

Give & Raise Energy:

Give and raise positive energy daily to your friend, customer, family, team and your life

Be a leader and take ownership:

Leaders are owners. 

Always customer first:

We always start with the customer and work backwards. 


Do what we say and say what we do.

Hungry for innovation and improvement:

Constantly looking for new and better ways forward.