Crystal International Group Limited

Jing Yee

Business Associate
Jing Yee_Photo

A day in the life

As a business associate, we will be involved in the end-to-end garment manufacturing process from sample development to bulk production. We ensure timely delivery of high-quality samples by managing customer requests, monitoring sample status, and handling ad-hoc issues. This involves working collaboratively with different stakeholders like cross departmental teams, suppliers, and customers. Besides, we are given the opportunity to manage a small team to practice ownership and leadership skills. Lastly, we also have some hands-on involvement in projects such as standardising SOPs and organising Annual Communication Meeting, where we contribute ideas, broaden internal network and practice time management. 

Company culture  

Here in Crystal, what truly sets us apart is the culture that goes beyond mere working. “For the Greater Good”, the culture of caring is nurtured across our organisation. One of the cornerstones that I value the most is open communication. No question is trivial, all of us are encouraged to ask, listen actively, understand each other’s perspective, and share knowledge so we could all thrive together as a team. From executives to peers, everyone’s door is always open with a genuine willingness to engage in the conversation and support.

Overcoming obstacles 

When I first started, the fast-paced nature of the environment was certainly eye-opening and it took me some time to adjust. This includes sudden customer requests, deadline shifts, unexpected issues and more. All of these require nimble thinking and decisive action, which gained through experience. As mentioned above, open communication is valued in Crystal. By proactively communicating and reaching out to colleagues and superiors, it helps me to navigate the challenges and turn them into stepping stones. It also pushes me to think through possible solutions and bring to the table for discussion.

Company response to challenges 

My journey with Crystal began in Vietnam and it seemed like there was a cultural gap due to language barrier. When some of my colleagues and I expressed our interest in learning basic Vietnamese to connect with local colleagues and enhance our work experience, Crystal acted on our feedback and organised a Vietnamese class for us! This shows how our organization empowers employees and it is just one of the many examples. Education programs and workshops like talent development, worker enhancement, and more are in place to cultivate employees’ skills and capabilities. 

Professional growth and development

Crystal Associate Program is very well-structured with various sessions planned to enhance our growth and development. This includes firstly a bi-weekly check-in session with Reporting Manager which is a two-way communication for associates to share our progress and thoughts as well as to receive guidance and expectation to ensure we are on the right track. Besides, there is a bi-monthly mentoring session with assigned mentor on our well-being support, career development and professional growth. Lastly, skill-building workshops are held to enhance our soft skills, promote professional development and knowledge sharing.