Lim Chin Heng

Product Manager, Global Marketing

Qualifications Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electronics majoring in Telecommunications, Multimedia University, 2006

At university
Electronics has always been an area that amazes me since young and it was only natural for me to choose this field. However, my decision in taking a major in telecommunications was due to the emerging markets of technology in the field of telecommunications at that time, where I saw opportunities to serve the society.

Choosing a career
My first encounter with OYL was when I had my Industrial Training in the OYL Research and Development (R&D) Centre. What captivated me to kick start my career in this organisation was its people. They were united in working towards achieving the common goal. Back then, I was R&D Engineer in the control design section responsible for the PCB design before moving to electrical design. However, when there was an opportunity for a job rotation to Global Marketing, I grabbed it!

My role
Currently, I am in Global Marketing. Basically we are the front liners of the company, working together with our customers for new product development. We also gather and analyse market information to ensure the right product are developed with the right specifications and pricing. My areas of responsibilities are on the commercial and application products.

Without doubt, the working environment plays a major part as most of my time is spent in the office. I am working with a team of people who are passionate about their job and superiors who share the same belief in striving to achieve the common goal. Other than that, having opportunities to meet and work with people from various cultures from all around the world has broadened my perspective and has helped me to do my job better.

Essential skills
Communication skills (both oral and in writing) and analytical skills are essential in marketing as you will need to ensure that customers fully understand the message that you are conveying and vice versa, otherwise it could lead to miscommunication which could result in loss of business for the company.

Extra-curricular activities played a major part in shaping me to be what I am today. I led the Malaysia Red Crescent Chapter in my university. This experience has provided me the necessary exposure of communicating with different people, within and beyond the university.

Future plans
I am looking into playing a bigger role in the company as we venture into new markets. I find that it is crucial to share my knowledge and I am proud to be a team player who has a part to play in bringing my organisation to greater heights through the understanding of the business market’s demands.

Some advice
It is vital to understand that one should never stop learning and enjoy the journey in learning. It will shape who you are in the future. Having broad knowledge and understanding of things is useful especially when you venture into a different area from what you have studied. Also, never ignore the importance of soft skills development.