Poh Hong Hong

Senior Engineer, System Design

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University Technology Malaysia, 2005; MEng in Mechanical Engineering, University Malaya, 2010

At university
My strong interest in physics and maths during secondary school led me to pursue engineering studies. ‘How does this work?’ crosses my mind all the time. It was so exciting for me when I find that the things I have learnt in my engineering studies such as heat transfer, mechanics, material behaviours, and so on, answers most of the questions I have in my life! I picked up values such as teamwork, organisation and multitasking through my involvement in various engineering-related activities which equipped me to work with others as a team.

Choosing a career
I envision that everyone will be able to enjoy thermal comfort no matter where they are one day. I believe through OYL, my vision can be realised as OYL cultivates a creative and innovative working environment for designing heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

My role
I supervise a group of engineers in designing air-conditioning products which deal with component sizing such as compressors, heat exchangers, valves, and so on. We analyse the results collected from our experiments, and then evaluate the components’ capabilities in order to optimise them. Apart from that, we also integrate new cutting-edge technologies into our products.

As a research and development (R&D) engineer, I am constantly exposed to new technologies and the know-hows of HVAC. This exposure is a strong motivational factor for me to further enhance my capabilities and career growth. I get my satisfaction knowing that there are people enjoying thermal comfort through products in which I have a part in developing. This is why I am still with OYL after nine years.

Essential skills
Self-learning or self-initiated learning is the strongest weapon for a person to grow continuously. I was inspired by my colleagues who never stop learning! Besides, being flexible and open-minded helps me to foster better relationship with my colleagues.

Future plans
We use a lot of new materials and composites to enhance the engineering designs of our products. I am aware of my lack of knowledge in this area; hence, I plan to further enhance my knowledge in this aspect. At the same time, I find it challenging to juggle between working, pursuing higher education and being a mother of two young children.

Some advice
If you are an analytical thinker and are looking for an environment of creativity and innovation to realise your ambitions and ideas, OYL is the place that you will want to work in.