Ang Weina

Tax Partner, Global Employer Services Leader

Current role
The dialogue in asking what I do usually goes like this:

‘What do you do, Weina?’ 
‘I am a professional who makes people happy.’ 
‘How do you do that?’ 
‘To put it simply – I help my clients keep more money in than out of their pockets.’

I provide advice to clients on personal income tax. I help them comply with regulatory policies when their employees travel into or out of Malaysia on work assignments. I help clients better retain talent by exploring improvement areas in remuneration, mobility policies and be more compliant with legal and statutory policies. In short, I help people do their income taxes with an added personal touch.

What attracted you to this role and this company?
I would say I was influenced by my father to choose accounting as a career. He was involved in the export business and I was exposed to his international contacts since young.To be perfectly frank, I did not like science subjects and pursued a pure arts course with accounting.It was also to prove to my teachers that arts students are equally brainy.I scored straight As and took the Best Student Award from the science students that year!

It was also my father’s foresight that encouraged me to take up a foreign language. At that time, it was the ‘Look East’ policy and along with my firm command of Chinese, what better than to take up the Japanese language. At that time, Deloitte was reputed to be the largest accounting firm in Japan, thus it was with that proficiency that I had hoped I could edge myself over the other candidates and also leverage on Deloitte’s network in Japan to excel in the language.

What makes you suitable for this job? 
My initial years as an auditor and subsequent years as a Japanese coordinator in Deloitte’s Japanese Services Group, together with my tax experience have helped me provide a holistic view in serving our clients. Clients do not see you as an expert in your own field; instead they see you as a representative of Deloitte where you can be their trusted advisor. With Deloitte’s global network of professionals, the clients see us as their extension beyond the local boundaries especially when their business grows globally.

What is the one skill you possess that makes you an effective leader?
There is no one perfect effective leader but I am sure all leaders try their very best to have the traits of an effective leader. I believe in empathy for our employees and at the same time, hope that they too can extend us the same understanding. If there is no mutual understanding and connection, it will be difficult to strike a chord to work together as a team. Thus, it is better if we do not merely treat each other as employee and employer. 

Professional motivation
If we see the smiles and hear the laughter of our employees, then we must have done something right. Their silence and indifference are our worst enemies.

Language competency in writing and speaking is very important, especially in English. Fresh graduates must also have the drive and willingness to learn new things as well as learn from their mistakes. Also, it wouldn’t hurt fresh graduates to start establishing great contacts from school. You will never know when they can be your ardent supporters in years to come. 

Career Highlights

  • Graduated from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor’s degree in accounting
  • Joined Deloitte Singapore as an audit assistant
1992 Transferred to the Japanese Services Group in Deloitte Singapore
1993 Earned the Chartered Accountant Singapore certification
1994 Seconded to Deloitte Japan
  • Joined the Deloitte Malaysia Tax Practice
  • Earned the Chartered Accountant of Malaysia, Fellow of Certified Practicing Accountants Australia and ACTIM certification
2005 Appointed to Partner