Lalitaditya Addanki

MT5 DevOps

Lalitaditya works as MT5 DevOps at Deriv Services

A day in the life

My primary role is to work on maintaining a Platform known as MetaTrader 5 which is a forex trading platform that is currently one of the main Products offered by l work particularly on maintaining and adding features to the Cloud Infrastructure for this platform across multiple regions in AWS (Amazon Web Services),our cloud provider.

Company culture

I feel that the work environment here is very open and easy-going and the fact that we hire a diverse bunch of talents makes my peers extremely talented and skilled in multiple technical roles. This helps me in return, to be able to ask and absorb knowledge on new and upcoming technologies rather quickly. This combination allows me to be more productive and innovative with my problem-solving and disaster recovery methodologies.

Overcoming obstacles

Working from home indeed was a difficult challenge for me personally, I, however, tackled it by taking frequent breaks throughout the course of my work days together by chatting with my co-workers virtually, on a regular basis. This kept me grounded with my roles and responsibilities therefore allowing me to maintain a decent amount of productivity during the lockdown period.

Facing COVID-19

Prior to the lockdown, my company took multiple measures to tackle the pandemic lockdown situation such as social distancing, sanitising the doors and other touch points within the organisation, distributing sanitisers and face masks etc.

One of the significant measures was to provide free vaccinations against the general virus and flu strains. This in theory would assist to build up a more effective immunity to prevent the Covid virus too.

The new normal

Since we can now resume working from the office, I feel much more productive together since I am able to work with my peers in a safer and more effective distance as compared to working from home. Of course, I understand that it was not an easy challenge to balance productivity while working from home, but in retrospect, I felt that tried its best in managing the situation well.

Culture: ★★★★ 80%

Work-life balance: ★★★ 60%

Travel opportunities: ★★★★★ 100%

Professional development: ★★★★★ 100%

Personal growth: ★★★★★ 100%