Bothini Navaneethan

Supervisor, Assurance

At university
I pursued my ACCA qualification at Sunway University and chose Performance Management and Malaysian Taxation as my two electives. Life at university prepared me well for my current job, as both require focus and long hours.

My background
I worked with another professional services organisation for six months prior to joining EY. It was during this time that I was first introduced to audit.

My company and job
EY offers services in assurance, advisory, tax and transactions. As a supervisor in Assurance, my role and responsibilities include managing various auditing tasks as well as providing non-audit services such as reporting, required for compliance purposes.

The best and worst bits
The best bit about working at EY is its people. I have been blessed with good managers, colleagues and teammates. Without their advice and support, I may not have survived in this fast-paced and challenging environment.

The toughest bit about working as an auditor is the constant challenge to meet deadlines and keeping up-to-date with accounting and auditing regulations. Meeting reporting deadlines and managing our clients’ expectations can be difficult at times. But with proper planning and help from my colleagues and superiors, I am able to overcome these challenges and deliver quality work on time.

Getting the job
I went through two stages of interviews with EY. The first was a one-on-one session with a representative of the Talent Team and the second was with a senior manager from Assurance. Both interviewers were kind, informative and made me feel very comfortable during the interviews. Perhaps what helped me clinch the job were my communication skills and good academic results.

My most memorable achievement at work
My most memorable achievement was being selected for EY’s New Horizon programme. The programme offers EY employees the opportunity to live and work abroad on a short-term secondment. It allows us to gain international experience and a good understanding of the issues facing our clients in different markets. I was seconded to EY Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for a period of three months from September to November 2012. My time there provided me the opportunity to broaden my perspectives on life and work as I participated in a number of audit engagements, learnt more about a new culture and explored the city.

Be prepared for
Graduates interested in a career in this field must be prepared for long hours, fast-paced work and tight deadlines. Building a successful career does not come easily and investing your time and energy at this initial stage will be worthwhile for your future.

Some advice
Live each day to the fullest by accepting the challenges and opportunities that come your way. Never stop learning and always believe in yourself. A sense of confidence and a positive attitude are the keys to long-term success.