Felix Pang

Assistant Vice President, Amanah Corporate

Has been with this company for 1 year and 10 months

At university
While at university, I studied commerce majoring in accounting and finance. I’ve always been interested in the world of business due to the exposure towards my family business since I was young. However, my degree did not quite prepare me for my current banking job as the things that I learnt in university were very theoretical. Instead, I learnt very quickly on the job.

My background
Prior to my current job, I worked in an e-commerce company in Singapore as an intern for nine months. My main achievements there include refining the logistics systems of the company and implementing a warehouse management system. This involved mapping and refining all elements of the delivery process, from receipt of goods to the delivery to the end consumer. I also worked on the implementation of an in-house-built warehouse management system.

My company and job
HSBC Amanah Malaysia complements HSBC Bank Malaysia by providing a full suite of innovative Islamic products and services to retail and corporate customers. My current job involves assisting relationship managers (RM) to manage large corporate customers in terms of providing financing facilities, cash management solutions or trade facilities.

The best and worst bits
The most interesting part of my job is having the opportunity to meet customers from different industries. I find motivation in the need to continuously improve myself. Therefore, whatever challenges come my way, I try my best to use them as opportunities to learn and to be more resilient.

My most memorable achievement at work
Six months into my job, I was tasked to lead a project that involved a bank-wide exercise relating to external customer communications. This project required me to work with people from different departments, including the CEO of HSBC Amanah, and allowed me to build my network within the bank.

Getting the job
I believe my communication skills, in conjunction with my academic results, helped me clinch a job at HSBC. As the interview process involved a lot of role playing and interaction with senior managers, having strong communication skills were vital to making a good impression.

Be prepared for
…various challenges, ranging from simple problems to complex ones. Some of the challenges in the banking industry involve working long hours to meet tight deadlines, adapting to the bank’s culture, fulfilling customers’ requests, and most importantly, meeting targets.

Some advice
Although paper qualifications are somewhat important, I believe good communication skills are the most essential factor in getting a job. Sometimes, some form of work and/or internship experience can be of an advantage when job hunting.As it is almost impossible to find the perfect job, it is important to quickly adapt to a new business environment.