Lim Kai Sieng


Age 26

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2012

Had been in this company for 2 years

At university
I am a Lego lover since I was a child and this was the reason why I took civil engineering in university. I love structures and am thrilled by the sight of skyscrapers in the city. I then decided that I wanted to become a civil engineer and after graduating from engineering school, I joined IJM as a civil engineer to live out my childhood dream.

Choosing a career
I conducted my internship with IJM in The Light project (Penang) and National Cancer Institute project (Putrajaya). During my internship, I was exposed to the company’s project management and realised that they provide me with a lot of learning opportunities, hands-on experience and mentoring. Learning opportunities are important to young graduates and I am glad that I had the chance to acquire new knowledge while being able to implement what I have learnt from my university into the real work.

My role
As engineer in the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QAQC) department of the MRT project, my daily task is to assist the construction team to make sure that the work quality meets the required specifications. This can be done by preparing inspection test plans and method statements. Besides that, I also have to arrange for remedial work for all the errors in the construction work, coordinate material testing as well as manage other jobs that are related to the quality of the structure.

I started my career in IJM as a graduate engineer under the Scholar Associate Program. Under this program, I was rotated into several major functional departments. After the program, I was placed into the Quality department of the MRT V5 project team. This program had provided me with a platform to understand the functions and interactions between all the departments, and this had helped me in delivering the project and becoming an all-rounder engineer.

Essential skills
Both technical and soft skills are important in my job. As quality engineer, technical knowledge is essential as I am required to analyse technical data such as laboratory record, strength concrete and the strength of reinforcement steel bar. Besides, soft skill is equally important as engineering is all about teamwork and involves many parties to complete the job. Therefore, soft skills such as idea presentation, coordination and time management is needed to ensure that the project will have a smooth run and can be delivered timely.

Future plans
Knowledge is important to an engineer and I will not stop improving myself. I would like to strengthen my technical knowledge by being more involved in hands-on activities and self-study. I also intend to improve my presentation skills by joining public speaking clubs such as Toastmasters, which will provide me with the necessary training.

Some advice
Engineering requires knowledge and experience, and the only way to bring us forward is to keep learning, either through books or hands-on experience. We must be humble, be willing to learn from seniors and should also attempt to obtain more technical knowledge through self-learning. Keep positive thoughts and motivated yourself to complete daily tasks.