Wynlyn Chia


Age 27

Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), University Malaya, 2010; ACCA, 2014

Had been in this company for 4 years and 3 months

At university
I was pretty good with numbers since young, so it was natural that I eventually took up accounting as my degree. My thoughts turned out to be wrong as I found out that accounting is never just about numbers, but it is what the numbers means to an organisation. Nonetheless, it turned out to be the wisest decision I have made, and my university has also prepped me with corporate finance and business related knowledge.

Choosing a career
Funny as it may sounds, I chose accounting not because of its steady career path or its vast career opportunities ahead but simply because accountants are needed in all companies. So, that’s a big tick for job opportunities.

As with many bigger families, my parents could not afford to send me to college, so I worked hard throughout the matriculation programme and earned myself a spot in the University of Malaya. I sourced for scholarships and eventually chose IJM as the company has developed a strong foothold in the market.

My role
I am currently under the reporting team where my tasks include preparation of consolidated accounts, monthly management reports, tax computation, drafting of financial statements and assisting in the preparation of the company’s annual report. I was also tasked to prepare and manage foreign subsidiary management accounts and to deal with bankers on loan facilities for the expansion of the company.

The best thing about my jobs is that I get to communicate with accountants from other regions where my company operates. IJM not only gives you the avenue to grow, but it values work life balance. My active role in the company’s sports club has brought me great pleasure working in IJM and I have been involved in organising festival dinners, holiday trips, karaoke competitions, movie days, annual dinners and even a cave adventure.

Essential skills
During my university days, I had two opportunities for internship, once in IJM and the other in an auditing firm. Both gave me different insights of what accounting is all about. Property development accounts are pretty specific in nature and one needs experience and technical knowledge to get the job done. I was fortunate to have great colleagues who are willing to teach me and guide me along the way. Like any other job, communication skills remain one of the most vital skills one must possess.

Future plans
To better leverage myself, I needed a professional in addition to my degree. I then pursued ACCA on a part-time basis. With a professional qualification already in hand, I can see myself progress faster in my area of expertise. Three years from now, I would want to be in a managerial position, taking lead of a job function.

Some advice
Like any other career, a great career comes with hard work. To tell you the truth, CGPA is not that all important. It might land you the first perfect job, but it is the hard work and attitude that get things going right for your career. Be great in what you do, work very hard, play hard and always set a goal in your life.