Kok Ai Lee


When I returned to KL from finishing my Accounting and Finance degree in the UK, I searched for CIMA courses offered at smaller institutions in Kuala Lumpur, but stopped halfway as my busy work schedule made it difficult to attend classes.

I came across Kaplan’s Distance Learning course and decided this would be a good option for me to get back on track to completing my final 3 CIMA papers.. Although it has been five years since my last CIMA examination, Kaplan’s 12-week study guide was able to breakdown my progress into smaller, achievable objectives to cover my CIMA E3 13-Chapter Study text, the online modules, and practice questions. Kaplan also gave me the flexibility to manage my study schedule around my work hours, helping with my confidence in being able to complete the certification within the next two years.

My routine usually starts with watching the lecture recordings and revising with the written material before heading to work at 11:00am. If I’m short on time, I make use of the Kaplan’s Revision Cards which summarise key examinable topics to prompt my memory. If I have any questions, I can simply email my lecturers to get advice and answers to my questions. All this flexibility is a big plus for myself and others who juggle work commitments and yearn to pursue professional certification at our own pace.