Eric Ong Beng Seng

Audit Partner

Eric Ong studied Accounting and then completed Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) at University of Malaya (UM). Eric is also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) and Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

Current role

I am currently an audit partner in the audit division with experience in the audit of various industries, which include real estate investment trust (REIT), trading and retail, media and advertising, and construction and manufacturing. My experience also extends to various corporate exercises such as IPO, profit forecast review and financial due diligence review.

Taking the role as Audit Methodology Partner of the firm provides an opportunity for me to keep abreast with the technical updates and requirements in the challenging audit environment. With my passion in training, I have also assumed the role as the head of audit training of KPMG Malaysia, taking charge of professional technical development of audit staff.

What attracted you to this role and this company?

The main attraction to me is the dynamic working environment, great learning experience and excellent career development opportunities. Being in this profession and my role in the firm, I get to travel to many parts of the world and meet different people with different cultures. I have gained valuable experience and personal development in terms of working with people, building up self-confidence and managing cultural differences.

What makes you suitable for this job? 

Going through the relevant professional training, technical updates and working experiences, gained over the years from here and abroad, have provided me the right experiences and skills to take on the role that I am holding now. Besides, it has always been my passion to be able to share my knowledge with the people around me.

What is the one skill you possess that makes you an effective leader?

Being a mentor to my team: communicating, engaging and listening to them. It is a skill that I have developed over time. I believe in ‘people working for people’. I have had many opportunities to observe and learn from my superiors and people around me. It is amazing to be able to make the difference for the staff and see them grow in this profession.

Professional motivation

My motivation comes from my wife and family, and the desire to help others do better for themselves. When I believe I am making a difference through my actions, that inspires me to push harder.


Believe in yourself, stay focused and do your best. Think positive and think forward, be flexible when things don't go your way. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. After all, life can only get shorter. Live the life you have imagined and desired. 

Career Highlights

1998 Graduated from University of Malaya
1998 Began audit career in KPMG
1999 Completed MICPA professional exams
2001 Admitted as member of MIA
2003 Admitted as member of MICPA
2003 Promoted to Audit Manager in KPMG Malaysia
2003 Seconded to KPMG US
2005 Returned to Malaysia after 18 months with KPMG US
2010 Promoted to Audit Director in KPMG Malaysia
2011 Admitted as Audit Partner of KPMG Malaysia