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Who We Are

The MALAYSIA SME® Media Group was established in 2005, and is Malaysia’s first business newspaper focusing on SMEs, as well as issues surrounding SMEs. The idea of an SME-centric business newspaper was the brainchild of Mr Wayne Lim, who is currently Group CEO and Group Chief Editor of the media group.

The MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper is a fortnightly publication, and boasts an audited circulation of 50,000 copies. We are also proud to host the country’s largest annual SME networking event; the MALAYSIA SME® Congress. The Congress provides continuous source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, as well as serves as a platform for SMEs to seek opportunities in partnership with other SMEs.

Beyond MALAYSIA SME® business newspaper and MALAYSIA SME® Congress, we continue to bridge and support the growth of the SME community through various channels, such as via our regular Business Networking and Seminar (BNS) series, the MALAYSIA SME® Economics Conference Series, organised quarterly and the MALAYSIA SME® LEAD Community membership.

In addition, the media group constantly champion the cause of SMEs with the initiation of SME Day, SME AiD and Trade Credit Pledge. We champion the plight of SMEs not only in Malaysia, but worldwide as we are a founding member of Global SME News Network (GSNN) Alliance, the first global alliance of SME news organisations from around the world.

All in all, MALAYSIA SME® is all about SMEs, locally and globally. We believe we can be the voice of over 600, 000 business entities in Malaysia, representing 97% of businesses in Malaysia. We believe that SMEs can be the catalyst of consistent economic growth for Malaysia, and we will be there every step of the way.