Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)

Amir Asyraf Bin Yaakob

MCMC Internship Programme

Amir is an intern at MCMC through MCMC Internship Programme

Choice of internship

Since MCMC is a reputable statutory body, I am eager to learn more about the regulatory industry and gain valuable experience related to accounting. 
Furthermore, I have an interest in gaining practical experience and expertise in accounting practices as they apply to the regulatory context. This is because I see potential value and benefits in obtaining experience and knowledge in this area. I also have the willingness to acquire knowledge and skills related to regulatory practices and policies. 

Deciding to intern

Why did you decide to pursue an internship, and what were your expectations prior to starting your internship? 
Because it is stipulated in my Bachelor of Accountancy programme at my university. I expected to be given a chance to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world situations. Also, I could assess whether a particular field aligns with my interests and skills before committing to it long-term. Lastly, I can network with professionals who can open doors to future job opportunities and provide valuable insights and advice. 

An intern’s responsibility

Assist officers in the USP Fund Department's Accounts Receivable Unit with data entry, approval letters, management letters, and any ad hoc tasks. Compile and distribute the First Information Report documents to the Enforcement Division. Register, track, and update the Return of Net Revenue ("RONR") Submission by licensees in the Electronic Fund Management System ("EFMS"). Liaise with licensees by email and over the phone regarding compliance and requirements for the ("RONR") Submission.

Internship experience

Like all the officers in this department, I was given one day of Work From Anywhere (“WFA”) every week. It was a beneficial option for me, as I would not have to commute to do my job-related tasks. It gives me the advantage of being able to focus on emails, increase prioritisation of work and plan any other ad hoc tasks just by using the laptop at home. In my opinion, this could realise the future shift of organisational and operational matters towards digitalisation.

Lesson learned

Firstly, manners are very important to ensure the effectiveness of communication between colleagues. Secondly, time management is also important, and this internship has trained me to properly plan tasks before executing them. Moreover, this internship has taught me not to rush while doing any sort of task, as this could cause human errors or stress. Most importantly, I have learned that you must focus and dedicate yourself when doing your own work and fulfil the responsibility that you have.


Do's and Dont's


  • Ask questions if you do not understand the work assigned.
  • Smile, listen, and say greetings.
  • Plan and organise your words to deliver message effectively.


  • Ask unrelated questions pertaining to the work assigned.  
  • Interrupt people while talking or showing negative emotions. 
  • Disturb or seek help from colleagues when they are doing work.