Danial Fahmi Bin Mohamed Zamberi

Global Maybank Apprentice

Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Finance, University of South Australia.

At university 

I graduated with a degree in applied finance from the University of South Australia and the course has provided me an in-depth understanding on the banking and financial system and effective management tools within the economic market. My university experiences have prepared me for the career path that I have decided to take and thankfully everything is going on as planned.

Choosing a career
I have a strong passion for business. A hadith mentioned that Prophet Muhammad once shared with his followers that ‘90% of the sustenance in the world is derived from businesses’ which makes the banking sector a crucial pillar in today’s economic framework. As such it was only natural that I opted for banking upon my graduation as I strongly believe that in order to understand the core of economic activity, one has to actually be in it. Ever since I joined the banking world, I have not looked back.

My role
I am currently in the Global Maybank Apprentice Program (GMAP). As a Maybank Apprentice, we are given opportunities to rotate to different sectors and departments to have a better understanding about the overall banking business. Past rotation involves attachment with custody services, trustees’ management, Private Banking as well as High Net Worth and Affluent banking. Currently, I am working in the Group President & CEO’s office as Assistant Special Officer to GPCEO. My work involves analysis of credit, serving as operation strategist as well as managing administrative paperwork for Datuk Farid, CEO of Maybank.

Maybank provides a very conducive working environment with great colleagues and senior management who are always very supportive. Their support has helped to accelerate my growth both personal and professional. Throughout my tenure with Maybank, I also have had the privilege of travelling to meet up with clients and to gain a deeper understanding of our various business operations.

Essential skills
Being humble and willingness to learn new things are key traits to be successful in any role one is in. When it comes to fundamental, one needs to have good technical skills to complete the tasks and assignments. Being in a bank which has so many functions, a strong analytical skill is also crucial and one must be able to be a quick learner to gain the skills needed for each functional unit and department.

Some advice
For me, the most important thing is to be able to excel in studies as well as co-curricular activities as that will give fresh graduate an advantage over other applicants. More importantly, choose and do what you are passionate about in both your studies and in your career choice. People can tell the difference between people who are doing something because they are passionate about it or if they are just doing it for the sake of the monthly paycheck. So, think carefully before making any life changing decisions!