Darren Yeo Yee Hsiung

Global Maybank Apprentice


BBus in Accounting and Finance, Monash University, 2012

At university
At university, I majored in accounting and finance. Apart from the influence of the 2008 global financial crisis, I was inspired to choose this area of study as I have four family members involved in the financial services industry. Looking back, my studies in university equipped me with the fundamental knowledge required to kick-start my career in the industry. However, transiting into the workforce is something that cannot be taught and has to be experienced through practical exposure.

My background
Prior to joining Maybank, I had a short stint with Deloitte LLP and a summer internship with LF Asia (member of the Li & Fung Group).

My company and job
I am employed by Maybank as Global Maybank Apprentice (MA), specialising in investment banking. As MA, our duties and responsibilities differ according to our individual rotations.

The best and worst bits
The magnitude, complexity and regional exposure of my job motivate me to work harder despite the relentless working hours. The worst bit is being stuck in traffic every morning on the way to work.

My most memorable achievement at work
My most memorable achievement at work was being able to participate in a regional multi million dollar deal which involved several countries in the region for one of the largest organisations in the world.

Getting the job
I was recruited during an annual recruitment drive in Melbourne, Australia. The selection process involved multiple stages including a CV screening, a phone interview, online assessments and a half day assessment. In my opinion, a combination of academic results, critical thinking and interpersonal skills is vital to succeed in the selection process.

Be prepared for
Long working hours are a certainty due to the nature of the job. It is also a fast-paced environment where you will have to adapt and assimilate quickly into each department’s culture.

Some advice
Academic qualifications are like passports to the working world and in a modern society, almost everyone owns that passport. Academic results are evidently important but what sets each individual apart is their character, dedication, knowledge, and passion for the job. Lastly, in my opinion, work experience is favourable but not an absolute necessity as the drive to learn and succeed is of higher importance.