Latisha Anthony

Global Maybank Apprentice

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP).

At university 

During my stint at the university, I pursued Bachelors in Chemical Engineering as I tended to gravitate towards logic-driven and math-based subjects such as physics and mathematics. However, upon the completion of my degree, I decided to explore an alternative career path in order to fully realise my potential.

I embarked on my journey with Maybank and was confident that I would be able to find a place that both match my interests as well as challenge me to improve at the same time. Since being attached to the Marketing Analytics unit under Group Branding, and despite not having a business or statistics background, I have not had any major issues in completing my tasks successfully. The guidance and assistance of my colleagues and superiors who have been very supportive has made the journey easier.

Choosing a career
Prior to joining the bank, I had brief stints in Nestlé and Gardenia Bakeries, where I was attached to the operations and marketing teams, respectively. Having been exposed to both sides of a business, I was adamant to pursue a career in a field that would somewhat allow me to explore both perspectives simultaneously. Furthermore, from the beginning, I had constantly heard that the banking sector was extremely challenging and dynamic. Therefore, when it came down to choosing my career path, I opted for a position in a sector that would challenge me beyond my expectations and elevate my skill sets.

My role
My job role is currently skewed towards process automation and performance analytics. I am currently involved in several nationwide projects in which I have to assist in formalising reporting templates and standards as well as validate the accuracy of the systems.

I enjoy working with my team to pitch new ideas for improvement! I honestly think that it is the best part of my job. Coming up with new ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current processes is not only challenging, but also enables me to think both logically and creatively. The process itself is extremely enjoyable and inspires me to be more passionate about my work.

Essential skills
This jobs requires a mix of both technical understanding as well as people management skills. The skills I needed to leverage on was largely built and strengthened during my time here in Maybank. The programme provided me with the opportunity to experience various departments and units, which essentially taught me how to adapt to different scenarios and to value differing perspectives.

Future plans
I envision that in the next three years, I should be able to solidify my career path and strengthen my expertise in my current role. Additionally, I am hoping to pursue an additional degree, in the area of accounting and finance.

Some advice
Personally, I do not see any hurdles for people who intend to embark on a career in banking. It truly does not matter what your educational background is like, as ultimately it is your own passion that will drive you to success!