Brianna Chang

Technology Associate, Product & Technology Division

Brianna studied BSc in Mathematics with Statistics, Imperial College, London, UK

How was your first year being on the job?

My close-to-one-year experience here has been fruitful. People here are friendly and welcoming. They are open to questions and willing to coach as well as help me whenever necessary. I do not only learn about technical skills, but also develop interpersonal skills. They are also generous with life advice.

Adapting to the working culture in each team can be challenging at times. But rather than having to get up early for work, I enjoy working here. Besides, my fellow batchmates, Management Associates & Technology Associates and I form a really good community for support and genuine friendships.

What do you do at work?

Being in the technology associate programme, I rotate among the Product & Technology division. I am currently attached to Product Engineering team which is responsible to develop the set-up boxes/decoders for Astro's core businesses, PayTV.

I assist the team to groom requirements, test and validate requirements, as well as produce alternative solutions for the current test environment and issues. I experienced end-to-end product planning and delivery procedures in this team. I got my hands dirty on coding for automation testing, product management and also product delivery process. It acts like a huge puzzle piece that completes part of my experience in product and software development life cycle.

Most importantly, I think I could never understand Astro's core businesses that well without entering this team.

What do you like most about your job?

The flexibility to move around the teams every fixed period is the bonus point for me. I got to experience the product development life cycle not only in the current team, but also throughout the programme. This programme allows me to develop a product from a variety of perspectives with their own unique skillsets involved. Be it project manager who leads a product delivery project, or a project manager who has the ownership towards one product or even a software engineer who develops the product, I learned new things in every rotation.

It is an eye-opening experience to me. My exposure to technical skills opened me up to more career choices.

What is the single most important thing you've learnt from your job search so far?

Be honest to yourself. Get your priorities right in terms of the qualities you look into a company and stick to them. Different individuals have different priorities and that will lead to a sought job satisfaction. Besides, I also learned that, it’s okay to admit you might not be the best fit to this position but you are willing to learn. Many employers sometimes do not always want someone who has the degree background fitted to the vacancy, but they look more into the qualities, experience and attitude that we are having. But first thing first, know yourself and manage your own expectations.

What advice would you give to graduate jobseekers today?

Youngsters, go out and grab that opportunity! Regardless of how your qualification is not relevant to what job position that you are looking for, apply and tell them what is worth in you that they should take you in. When you know yourself well, you should be able to tell them the stories about how you get to there. Be courageous and motivated. Like I said earlier, attitude and qualities in you are the one that will bring you further. Don’t be afraid to try out something new. You have got minimal to lose anyway. So, polish up your CV and suit up to impress them.