Soraya Sunitra Kee Xiang Yin

On Air Talent (Radio Announcer)

BA in English Literature, New York University, 2013

At university 

I majored in English with a minor in creative writing since I’ve had a lifelong love for literature and the written word. Since then, I have come to the realisation that my English degree improved my communication skills, stimulated creative thinking and allowed me to better analyse things – attributes which are valuable regardless of one’s job scope.

My background
I’ve interned and worked at several different media companies. In my first real media job, I was a staff writer for Time Out KL. Soon thereafter, I left for university, and as a student, I have also interned at The Sun and WYPR, a radio station in the US.

My company and job
As a management associate, I’ll be rotated around the different departments over the course of two years. I’m currently attached to Customer Division where we monitor and understand customer trends as well as come up with new marketing ideas to further grow our customer base. At the moment, I work closely with the marketing team, which includes copywriting, researching marketing strategies of international pay TV providers, and assisting in various marketing campaigns.

The best and worst bits
After my stint here at Customer Division, I’ll get to rotate between departments such as Content, Radio, Publications, and Business Strategies. It’s going to be an exciting two years ahead! Of course there is that uncertainty that accompanies the transient nature of the position – I do wonder where I’m going to be placed once this is over, and I worry that I still won’t be able to make up my mind. However, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

My most memorable achievement at work
I’ve only been here seven weeks, so the biggest thing I’ve worked on so far has been on a campaign at the Astro Lifestyle Centre. I helped create promotional materials and witnessing the campaign’s development from the planning stages was tremendously insightful. Knowing that I had offered significant creative contribution was really rewarding.

Getting the job
I was an Astro Scholarship recipient so I wasn’t worried about looking for a job after graduating! I’d heard about the Management Associate programme through a fellow scholar, and as graduation drew near, I expressed my interest in it.

Be prepared for
I’ve learnt that there is so much work that goes into keeping a huge media machine running smoothly! The nitty-gritty details really do count, be it simply a memorandum or an Excel spreadsheet, and it’s important to devote sufficient attention to everything you’ve been tasked with.

Some advice
Be versatile, so you’re not easily boxed in by your limitations. You won’t always be able to remain within your comfort zone so constantly explore what lies beyond familiar boundaries.