Nabihah Rosli

Assistant Sales Manager, Perak


Bachelor of Technology (Hons) Business Information Systems.

How was your first year being on the job?

My first year on the job was one adventure after another. I started as a Commercial Graduate Trainee, which meant I get to experience four different roles within the year. I was constantly on my tiptoes as I had to pick up new roles quickly and execute projects within each of my stints. This gifted me with a wide perspective of the business and prepared me to be well rounded for my first management role.

What do you do at work?

I manage the Mondelēz business in Perak, covering general trade and local supermarkets. I drive our team of sales representatives, merchandisers and supervisors to perform a great execution on company plans; namely on delivering company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), strengthening people capability, and bolstering operational abilities.

What do you like most about your job?

My job not only gave me the opportunities to explore different roles that I might be landing on in the future but also pushed me to experience things first hand. This taught me to be an agile learner and a creative problem solver. Aside from that, the bright future prospect and career progression opportunities keep me motivated to give 110% every single day.

What is the single most important thing you’ve learnt from your job search so far?

The most important thing my job has taught me is to be agile. The world is never static, not even on an atomic level, and we live in a moving target. The only constant in the world is that it’s perpetually moving. Moreover, things change even faster in the FMCG industry. Therefore, the best way to strive is to understand this constant change, and try our best to keep up with it!

What advice would you give to graduate jobseekers today?

I believe that everyone is built for different purposes. Learn more about yourself, your skills, your thought processes, your preferences; and through that, understand your individual potential. I like to pick up new skills and be a jack of all trades, but another person might like to refine and master their existing skills. It all depends on what you can do to be a better version of yourself.