Nadiah Binti Mohammed Ghazali

Foods Business Analyst

BA in Accountancy, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), 2012

At university 
I completed my degree in the field of accountancy specialising in Islamic banking back in 2012. Choosing a course that concentrates heavily on reading and memorising was never an option for me, as I’ve always been more interested in crunching numbers than to memorise facts, hence, the main reason I opted for accountancy.

My background
I completed my internship in an audit firm, and prior to joining my current company, I was working in a conventional bank for two months before I was offered my current job.

My company and job
I joined as management trainee for finance in Nestlé Malaysia Berhad. As Business Analyst in the Maggi department I learnt so much, not just in the field of finance, but the commercial aspects of the business as well. Monitoring the sales tracking weekly, observing the profitability of the business portfolio, evaluating the result of all promotions done for our products, and identifying the trend of market returns are among the main tasks that I am currently assigned to.

The best and worst bits
The best part is the opportunity to work with employees from all over the world. During my trainee year, I was assigned to a coach from Germany who subsequently became my current boss. Being able to work under an expatriate has allowed me to gain valuable experiences and insights about the business.

My most memorable achievement at work
It was during my attachment to one of the company’s factory. All this while, I have a certain generic impression about working in a factory. Much to my amazement, I realised there are a lot of interesting new knowledge – such as product costing – that I could learn from factory with regards to finance.

Getting the job
It was no easy task! There were five stages, the first being an online test, followed by a phone interview, face-to-face interview, group assessment, and the last being a social interactive session with the top management. The hard work really paid off eventually.

Be prepared for
A start of a new adventure of your life! Being a management trainee was never an easy job, but the experience you gain will definitely shape you into becoming a whole new person, positively.

Some advice
Always have a dream and work hard in realising that dream. Never lose hope as you will never know what tomorrow might bring. Always have a positive attitude and embrace all the new challenges that will come across your path. Learn as many new things as you can because knowledge, regardless how trivial it might be, is definitely a valuable asset one could have.