Low Yi Wen

Management Trainee, Human Resources

Yi Wen studied BSc in Business Economics and Management at University of Nottingham Malaysia and graduated in 2018.

What do you do at work?

I am currently enrolled into Nestlé’s Management Trainee programme under the Human Resources function. It is a two-year programme in which we will be rotated into different departments within the HR function. As the programme is rotational, our job scope is never constant for a long period of time. Previously I have had the opportunity to experience HR Business Partnering for the Technical and Production function, and now I am in the Talent Acquisition team, where I’m exposed to recruitment and employer branding activities.

What would you say is the coolest thing about your current role?

I guess one of the coolest things about my current role is the empowerment granted by my manager throughout this rotation. Even though I am new in the role with barely any experience, I was always empowered to voice out my opinions and to make decisions when there is a need to. This helps to enhance my learning process whilst developing confidence in my role. Also, the holistic nature of the programme has allowed me to work with different people across functions, which not only widens my network, but also allows knowledge transfer that helps me in gaining new perspectives and ideas.

How was the probation period like in your job? What is the greatest lesson you derived from it?

Well, being a fresh graduate without much experience, you always feel the need to prove yourself, to make sure you never make mistakes and complete tasks better than expected. This, however, places a lot of unnecessary stress on oneself. With the help and advice from seniors here, I have learnt that it is better to embrace mistakes instead of avoiding them, as this is the chance to maximise our learning.

What motivates you and keeps you going during the tough times at work?

The people. Throughout the programme, I was given the chance to work with many different individuals who have been supportive along the way. There are mentors without whom I would stray from my path, and there are teammates that keep me motivated as we brave through the daily challenges together. One thing that I’ve learned from this programme is that the people make the difference. Working with like-minded individuals keeps me motivated and eager to strive for greater achievements!

How did your experiences in university prepare you for the working world?

I like to be on-the-go, so I spent most of my university days being involved in various club and society activities. Being active in clubs and societies has allowed me to learn how to communicate with different people, understanding as well as respecting others’ points of view in order to get a task done. This has greatly prepared me in the working world, as we should always be prepared to work in teams with different dynamics. Being able to work together is the foundation to success.

What is your advice to fresh grads who are having a tough time finding jobs?

I was once a fresh graduate and I remember feeling anxious and uncertain about which career path I would want to take on. There is no golden rule as to what you should do to achieve your dream career, but I guess the two main takeaways are to be patient and be brave to go for something you are very passionate about.