Muhamad Aiman Hakim Bin Md Saharif

Junior Risk Analyst

Aiman Hakim studied Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Petroleum Geoscience.

Company culture

OCBC Bank is a great platform for fresh graduates who are looking for continuous learning and development on the job. It’s a humane company, full of people that are friendly and are willing to teach. Managers are understanding, genuine, and close to their subordinates – they are constantly on-board to push you for exponential growth.

Tackling tasks

The organisation’s culture promotes learning and growth, and welcomes new ideas and opinions. So aside from the daily grind, they also look into young minds in areas like identifying gaps or suggestions for process improvement. My day-to-day challenges as a Risk Analyst is to manage Technology Risk of OCBC Malaysia where I am also involved in several major projects in Risk Management for the bank operations. It is not easy coming from a different background but the guidance and mentorship has helped me in my journey.

Experience and exposure

I started out as a management associate in OCBC’s Young Bankers program where I had been rotated into several job functions, which include Branch attachment, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst and Risk Analyst. Coming from a different background (Petroleum Geoscience), the programme has provided me with extensive exposure and development on banking skills and knowledge. The Young Talent Regional Week was one of the key takeaways from the programme. It was a one-week programme, where all Young Bankers from OCBC Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong were gathered in Singapore to collaborate and pitch business ideas for OCBC.

Working style

OCBC Bank is a result-driven company that is built based on knowledge sharing and caring about each other’s development. Officemates are viewed as friends rather than colleagues, which resulted in collaborative environment towards achieving common goals. The mentor-mentee culture adopted at OCBC is a plus point for a fresh grad looking for an opportunity to be groomed into leadership. Despite graduating from a different industry, my mentor has provided me with clear direction and support which helps me to excel in my current role.

How to adult

My advice is – to never limit yourself only to what you’ve learnt. Give yourself a chance to grow, explore and learn as much as you can. Do not be afraid to try something new, because you can always assume the worst possible thing that could happen, or you can just step forward into the unknown and assume it would be brilliant.