Oriental Housetop Sdn Bhd

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Who We Are

Oriental Housetop is part of Oriental Castle Group. Over the past 20 years, Oriental Castle has grown from a single foundation steel unit in Malaysia into an investment group passionate in the industries of foundational steel manufacturing, construction, engineering, infrastructure and motor dealerships.

Today, we're engaged in diverse poftfolio of industries across Asia, with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Shanghai. Our mission is to be known for our committed and earnest work ethic, where we bring creativity, innovation and quality into the good work we do.

Still strongly holding on to our Malaysian roots, our next ventures took us to the property development industry with Oriental Housetop. By staying true to the values and principles that led us to success, we've gone on to become the premier option within Malaysia for luxurious, reliable roofing and decking solutions. We offer from architectural roof systems, landscape products to engineered fibre solutions.

As a group, we take a long term view on all our businesses with the vision to champion meaningful projects in and around our communities. To achieve this vision, we empower the great ideas and valued minds with us, with the dedication to turn these great ideas into a reality that positively transform the lives around us.