Nurliyana binti Rosalan

Head of Legal Department, Corporate Governance Division

Nurliyana studied Bachelor of Law at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

What do you do at work?

I manage the Legal Department for Pharmaniaga Group of Companies consisting of three units, namely Concession Business, General Drafting and PDPA. Even though we have separate units, to the extent where it is practical, I encourage our team members to do beyond what they are dedicated for and it opens up more opportunities and exposure.

As I am responsible for the legal affairs of Pharmaniaga Group of Companies, managing time and workload are both essential so as to ensure efficiency in the interests of our stakeholders. The roles of legal in-house are no longer conventional as we cannot only be confined to legal framework but also need to be dynamic in what we do, meaning I have to ensure that the legal matters that my team members are working on are intertwined with business acumen.

It is important to instil positive vibes among the team members as not all of us are born with identical traits. Of course, the staff as individuals too must take their own initiative and work collectively. Good teamwork results in great atmosphere.

What would you say is the coolest thing about your current role?

Managing is not only in terms of checking people's work per se but also managing people. In ensuring that the department runs smoothly, it is important to stress upon emotional quotient (EQ). It is not only a gauge of teamwork spirit, rather the staff also feel appreciated and this results in better job performance. So, I feel great when I see staff performing.

How was the probation period like in your job? What is the greatest lesson you derived from it?

Despite being quite junior in terms of working experience when I first joined Pharmaniaga Berhad, I learned how to be independent and grasped opportunities. You cannot just sit and wait for opportunities to come, you need to prove that you are capable and reliable despite the odds that you may encounter along the way. It is you yourself that must take the initiative without waiting for someone to knock on your door.

What motivates you and keeps you going during the tough times at work?

Believing that your continuous hard work will pay off one day. Just never give up. Keep on moving and your day will come eventually. Positivity is the key. It will be difficult from time to time but with continuous endeavour and positive attributes, you will see positive results someday.

It is no doubt that everyone is exposed to negativity at any given time. It is for us as individuals to make wise judgment calls. Positive mindsets lead to positive attributes and this ultimately leads to positive actions.

How did your experiences in university prepare you for the working world?

During my final year at UiTM, I was trained like a worker eg wearing black and white every day, and needing to punch in my card for punctuality when I arrived in the mornings. Even our tasks were designed for the working environment. It was really hectic but it had certainly given me the working vibes.

Even though studying and working are different, I can still value my studying period at UiTM as preparation for my working world.

What is your advice to fresh grads who are having a tough time finding jobs?

So long as it is in the right direction, do not be picky especially when you are a freshie. Sometimes, the jobs that you have the least expectations for can offer you the best working life experience. It may not be worthwhile now but it may be in the future. You will never know until you try.