Shalini A/P S Selvam

Executive, Partnerships Distribution Channel Support

BSc (Hons) in Resource Biotechnology, University Malaysia Sarawak, 2010

At university 
I was interested in science since high school and biotechnology seemed to be the ‘job of the future’ at that time. However, I realised that working in a laboratory wasn’t my cup of tea.

Although I have changed career paths, tertiary education has helped me develop the soft skills required for my job.

My background
My part-time work experiences include a stint as AEON collection officer, Maxis customer service and British American Tabacco (BAT) human resource service contractor. I cherish the friendships made during my short tenure in each organisation. In January 2011, I joined the Prudential Management Associate Programme (MAP), a well-crafted development programme for local talents.

My company and job
I’m currently attached to the Banc assurance project and campaign management team which refers to the collaboration between an insurer and bank partners. My main task is to track and monitor cross sell, up-sell and bundling initiatives that have been launched with bank partners. This includes result tracking, insightful data analysis, post campaign monitoring, and developing newsletters for financial consultants on campaigns and promotions.

The best and worst bits
I like that I get to observe the business and operations of multiple channels. This is awesome as there’s always something new to learn and the opportunities that arise through ad-hoc assignments keep me motivated. The not-so-fun part of my job? Can’t think of one at the moment!

My most memorable achievement at work
The most exciting piece was the interview assignment with the CEO! We conducted face-to-face interviews with the chief officers on their career journey, on what keeps them awake and their advice on leadership. The interviews were then published on our company intranet. I also volunteered for Prudential’s CSR project –PRUkasih. Through PRUkasih, we are able to help the urban poor by providing free insurance coverage to the breadwinner in the event of any mishap.

Getting the job
The four stages involved include an initial group discussion and English test, followed by a business presentation, interview session with the hiring managers and a final interview with the head of department and human resource. In my opinion, being outspoken and having the ability to engage and inspire team members during the group discussion was how I landed the job.

Be prepared for
...a fast-paced environment and deadline driven ad-hoc projects. It’s an advantage if you have some basic knowledge of the insurance industry. But if you don’t, fret not as you get to attend classroom training through the Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP).

Some advice
It’s all about attitude and not the skills as you can acquire the latter while on the job. Be inquisitive, positive and take initiative. Good luck!