S L NG Group of Companies

Consumer Goods and FMCG

Who We Are

S L Ng Group of Companies is one of the leading FMCG distribution companies in southern region of Malaysia based in Johor Bahru and Melaka. We have extensive network in the states of Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan and our business is progressively expanding. We comprise of a team of young and vibrant management and we want to be acknowledged as the best FMCG distributor in Malaysia. Some of the global brands that we carry in our portfolio includes Dumex, Mamil, Mevius, Winston, Ridsect, Glade, Mr Muscle, Pet Pet, Fitti, L’Oreal, Garnier, Nivea, Aik Cheong and many more. Our company was founded in 1996 in a small province of Pontian. Today we are one of the largest and most advanced FMCG distributor in terms of business revenue, business processes, infrastructure, staff compensation and other employee welfare.

Why join us?

  • We offer attractive remuneration and incentives by performance
  • We carry various global brands by working with MNC principals
  • We encourage you to be entrepreneurial 
  • We focus on building capabilities to achieve results
  • We provide great learning curve in various functions 
  • We are a fast growing company 
  • We offer lots of career development opportunities
  • We are vibrant, fun and we have lots of activities together

If you are looking for a great company to develop your career, and you have the passion to excel, S L Ng Group of Companies is the perfect platform for you!

Jobs & Internships

Welcome to join us, if you are students from Accounting, Business Analytics, Investment, Banking & Finance, Business Administrative or similar background.
Areas of Work
Accountancy and Financial Management
Required Level of Study