Lee Wei Chern

Senior Engineer, Property North

Bachelor of Civil & Structural Engineering (Honours), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), 2010

How was your first year being on the job?
Prior to beginning my career in the construction industry, I underwent a six-month internship which I believe helped paint a clearer picture of the construction field; allowing me to have a better understanding of the expectations and challenges that it offers.

Upon graduation, I went through a six-month probation period before being confirmed. I felt empowered and motivated when I was assigned the responsibility to oversee the construction of the company’s very own corporate tower.

What do you do at work?
The core duties I perform are planning and monitoring of site works to ensure that the tasks are completed with a balance of time, cost, quality and safety. Besides, I report directly to my project manager and assist him in ensuring smooth implementation and timely delivery of the projects.

What do you like most about your job?
I enjoy the various challenges I face on a daily basis, and the satisfaction that comes with crossing every obstacle as a team. In S P Setia, no man is an island. The support given by colleagues from various departments has been a driving force as we go through every hurdle in our projects.

Name three (3) things to watch out for!
I have a 3 Cs rule. First and foremost, Competency. Graduates need to be equipped for the job as civil engineering or the construction industry is a diversified and challenging environment. Secondly, Communication. We deal with many people on a daily basis thus it is essential for us to properly convey the messages and understand every party’s role to assure quality deliverables. Lastly, Contentment. I believe the key to excellence is to learn when you are young and earn when you are experienced.

What is it like to work in your company?
S P Setia offers more than just a daily job. In line with our company’s philosophy of “Live, Learn, Work and Play”, S P Setia provides a great platform for both fresh graduates and experienced engineers to further develop themselves. At S P Setia, everyone is more than just a colleague; more of a family thus fulfilling the Live aspect.

Criteria 1 2 3 4 5
Attractive job tasks       /  
Being appreciated at work         /
Friendly good looking colleagues       /  
Good leadership style         /
Good work-life balance       /  
Travel opportunities       /  
Positive personal development       /  

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Have more conversations with experienced people from the related field you study. This will help give my younger self a broader perspective of the challenges and opportunities I will come to face in time. Spending quality time with experts from the industry will definitely sharpen my technical and communication skills.