Muhammad Amzar Bin Muhammad Firdaus

Executive, Group Marketing

Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Marketing, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Campus, Pahang

At university
I started with a foundation in business administration, and later pursued a marketing degree. My inspiration came from my seniors who always pushed me to get involved and it was killing two birds with one stone: I got to help people out, and in return, I gained experience and hindsight knowledge of the job that cannot be learnt theoretically.

My background
I was attached to the group marketing team as an intern. As it was the peak business period, I had to catch up very fast. As my manager describes, ‘it’s like dancing full-beat while learning the steps’. After the three-month internship I became a confirmed employee.

My company and job
My department is responsible in all branding-related efforts for the company such as the field perimeter boards during the Barclays Premier League matches, and Chinese New Year 2014 TV advertisement which was also publicised on YouTube. In short, it’s branding, branding and more branding!

The best and worst bits
‘Conventional’ is not the word for this job. The fast-paced cycle of branding is what keeps it fresh. One campaign ends, another one begins. I also met famous people – I never imagined meeting Dennis Rodman, the legendary NBA player! The worst bits? Ground level branding involves everyone and it gets difficult to coordinate matters. I find myself at dead ends, but I have supportive colleagues, and the road always opens up again!

My most memorable achievement at work
It was emceeing Setia’s Annual Dinner 2013 in a short notice. I was notified a week ahead and had only one rehearsal session, nevertheless, it was a successful event. To seal the deal, it was the first appearance of the company’s new home-grown band, the Setia Band, in which I played lead guitar.

Getting the job
I met S P Setia’s HR personnel at a career fair in Mid Valley. I submitted my résumé, and was called for an interview that was conducted by the manager of group marketing himself, and the interview went smoothly. Research on the company, ask questions, be professional, turn your phone off, and sit upright..

Be prepared for
...the occasional extra hours during an upcoming event, tight deadlines, and last minute changes to plans is expected to achieve the desired goal. Expect the unexpected, and when it comes, solve it one at a time.

Some advice

  • Polish and develop yourself. Get active and start networking,
  • Paper qualifications are important as a ‘requirement’ for advancement. Don’t neglect it.
  • Part-time work experience will go a long way in shaping you as a person.