Saniman Amat Yusof

Deputy General Manager, Property South

Degree of Civil Engineering , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), 1995

Professional association memberships
Board Of Engineers Malaysia

Career highlights

Year Career highlight
1995 Graduated from Universiti Technology Of Malaysia
1995 Joined Company Chase Perdana Berhad as Site Engineer
1999 Joined Ho Hup Construction Company Bhd as Project Engineer
2001 Joined S P Setia Bhd as a Project Engineer attached to Highway Division
2004 Earned Professional Engineer certification from BEM
2008 Transfer to Property South Division (S P Setia Bhd)
2011 Promoted to Senior Manager (S P Setia Bhd)
2012 Promoted to Technical Head (S P Setia Bhd)
2015 Appointed as Deputy General Manager, Property South (S P Setia Bhd)

What do you do in your current role?
Project implementation, project planning, landscaping, managing contract department and customer care. Managing employees and internal processes to ensure that works carried out are not only in tandem with the company’s SOPs but also within the stipulated budget and timeframe set.

What would you change about the Gen-Y talent today?
Gen-Y is the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce. Being brought up in a very different environment than their older co-workers, there is a general consensus that they enter the workplace with different worldviews, expectations, motivations and assumptions about work life.

Gen Y will not only dominate the workforce but also become the leaders of the future.

We should not attempt to change the Gen-Ys as they have their own skill sets. On the other hand, we should try and sharpen their skillsets as well as guide them to be more humble and grounded in their expectations, as working within an organisation requires teamwork rather than individual ability.

What makes you a good leader? What’s the philosophy that you abide by?
I have believe in encouraging a culture where every team member’s ideas are heard and valued. Sharing is caring. A leader should share his knowledge by guiding and mentoring his juniors, leading them towards their path of success.

What do your juniors expect from you ?
My juniors expect me to give them clear direction. An organisation without a clear direction is like a ship without captain on board. At S P Setia, we believe in strong teamwork where everyone puts in a collective effort to steer the organisation towards success.

Criteria 1 2 3 4 5
Able to work under pressure       /  
Ability think and plan ahead         /
Adaptable + flexible to change       /  
Independent + self-motivated     /    
Confident + goal-oriented     /    
Considerate + cooperative     /    
Effective communication + interpersonal skills     /    
Exceptional team spirit     /    
Possess multicultural sensitivity + awareness   /      

Who do you draw inspiration from?
I’m inspired by our CEO, Dato’ CJ Khor & COO, Datuk Wong Tuck Wai. Both are strong leaders who have the foresight to recognise and seize every opportunity that comes across their paths. I am also inspired by the ways they both remain calm and composed when faced with adversity.

What is your personal mantra that keeps you going?
I will push my boundaries and stretch myself in new directions to strive for excellence and a continuous pursuit of self-improvement.