Sapura Secured Technologies Sdn Bhd

Engineering and Manufacturing IT and Technology

Sapura is a mission critical technology innovator and service provider to the Malaysian Government in the areas of secured information and communications.  Our portfolio of solutions include network centric operations, army communications, military simulators, secured integrated communication and monitoring centres for private and public networks.

Our focus is to provide mission planning, monitoring and control in defense, homeland security, law enforcement and commercial domains.  We offer end-to-end solutions to customers ranging from connectivity, applications, platforms, sensors and seamless security. 

We work closely with customers to understand, identify, develop and manage their needs that expand their intellectual capital and technology capabilities to achieve self-reliance.  We derive our value by focusing on building long term capabilities and acting as catalyst to transform how customers think, communicate and operate.

With knowledge and technology acquired over four decades, we continue to reinvent ourselves by innovating and evolving with customers.  We are passionate in nurturing talents and investing in R&D to scale new horizons towards achieving technology sovereignty.