Public Service and Social Work

Sedunia is the place for you to make a little difference in your everyday life, whether it's around you or within yourself. Designed to be used by individuals and organisations, Sedunia is a platform that helps you to create, coordinate and track impact in the communities around you.

Sedunia, a word of Malay and Sanskrit origins which means ‘one world’ in english was created based on 3 fundamental beliefs:

Creating a better world is a shared responsibility

All it takes is everyone contributing through small but purposeful actions to create consistent impact that results in lasting positive transformation.

Big things happen when we share and collaborate

We can do a lot more together, go further, last longer, climb higher, build bigger, if we share resources.

Transforming our world starts by transforming ourselves

Whether it’s doing better as a student, volunteer or professional, intentionally growing as a person improves your effectiveness to be the difference in any given situation.