Jessica Leong

Technical Sales Manager

Jessica's main role as Technical Sales Manager is to provide technical support associated with pre-sales activities.

A day in the life

My main role as Technical Sales Manager is to provide technical support associated with pre-sales activities. I am required to possess extensive knowledge of the products in my portfolio, keeping up-to-date with our products through frequent webinars, tele-conferences with HQ, social media and documentation in the intranet.

My job also includes setting up equipment and conducting simulation tests as part of promotion activities and creating knowledge awareness for the customers. The part where I am required to manage my customers is what makes this job interesting!

Company culture

With digitalisation, a lot of daily tasks are handled online eg HR support, IT support or administration. Most of these tasks require extensive computer use. When first confronted with these tasks, it can be quite overwhelming, especially when required to use new tools and learn new skills. Fortunately, my colleagues are friendly and willing to provide guidance and tips and tricks which enabled me to get up to speed, especially in the first few months without any problems!

Overcoming obstacles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to work from home. Job-wise, it’s an easy transition because the tools used for work are already available to us. All the necessary software and applications were installed and running on laptops even before the pandemic started. Basically, I just need an internet connection and a workspace at my home.

As my job involves meeting people and having face-to-face discussions, these can still be done via teleconferencing. The downside of this is that we lost the human connection that we usually have during face-to-face meetings.

Facing COVID-19

When the lockdown was implemented, the company followed the guidelines and instructions given by the government. We have daily updates on the COVID-19 pandemic situation by our very own EHS department, which is very helpful! The management kept us informed with updated company policies and SOPs in place.

Our superiors are understanding as they recognise that we have families to take care of and our working schedule and deadlines have to be adjusted to accommodate the extra workload from home.

The new normal

Gone were the days when we greet people with a firm handshake and a pat on the shoulder as a show of encouragement and appreciation. We have to make adjustments in our daily routines and find new ways to express our emotions. Keeping in mind that with physical distancing, we cannot lose our business connections. The technological tools do help with physical distancing but we need to make use of these tools to be socially connected as well.

Culture: ★★★★ 80%

Work-life balance: ★★★ 60%

Travel opportunities: ★★★ 60%

Professional development: ★★★★ 80%

Personal growth: ★★★★ 80%