Kesshigeen S/O Kumar

Management Trainee – Customer Department

Kesshigeen completed his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Finance & Management, at AIMST University

How would you describe your company culture to a fresh grad?

The culture at Tesco is a dream come true for a fresh graduate who is seeking an amazing experience at their first job; from releasing stress at the pool table to having a cup of coffee at our in-house Starbucks Café. Apart from the fun part, reality does not hit as hard as most of us are afraid of, as the superiors go beyond their limits to teach us everything we should know and ensure we do not feel left out. In no time, keeping up to the phrase "the world is spinning" isn't hard at all.

What is it like to work in your company? 

Efficiency is highly looked up to as we ensure a smooth shopping journey for all our customers. I would say it is an adventurous journey here as our work involves more of ad-hoc and decision making, instead of just a routine job. I personally look forward to what's waiting for me every day and the thought of going to work gets me very excited. Obviously, it's not all ups, but I believe with great time management and self-discipline everything can be taken care of.

How much experience and exposure have you gained throughout your time working in this company? 

When it comes to experience and exposure, Tesco is never thrifty. In the Management Trainee programme, we are required to learn all the tricks of the trade in advance before starting our job. This is where the fun begins as we were exposed to all the functions at stores and Distribution Centres to get the whole picture. The best part is, as a Management Trainee, we rotate to every function in the designated department. By the end of our programme, we are given enough knowledge to understand how the whole department works.

What is the common work style practiced in your company? 

Most of the time we work on a project basis to meet our customer's expectations. As our customer's taste and trends changes, our work must accommodate to those changes. I would say we work in the border between an autonomous & collaborative work style. Everyone gets a say in things but based on supporting data, we choose what's best for the business. Having good communication skills is a must because our entire work revolves around it. From talking to suppliers to presenting internally and communicating with customers from various backgrounds, good communication skills play an essential part.

What advice would you like to share with our readers as they prepare themselves for the working world and/or adulthood?

My advice is don't be afraid to chase your dreams! We work best when we're passionate about our job. Money is always second to experience. Show them your worth and money will find its way.