Database Administrator

Application Dates
Applications open
12 Feb 2020
Applications closing
10 Oct 2020
Opportunity Overview
Type Graduate Jobs (Full-time)
Bangsar South
Start date
Academic requirements
Level of Study
Bachelor degree

As Database Administrator, your responsibilities would include user administration and governance and taking care of database performance issues and database-related activities.


  • Responsible for user administration and governance to ensure all access to database are fully managed and documented.
  • Responsible for database performance issues such as long-running queries and blocking queries.
  • Responsible for database-related activity such as replication, archive, backup/restore, encryption, audit logs as well as High Availability and Disaster Recovery capability
  • Responsible for any Proof of Concept related to database
  • Working closely with third party service provider to together improve the performance and stability of database.
  • Working closely with development team to troubleshoot production issues that arise as well as providing guidelines and directions
  • Working closely with security and governance team to ensure databases remain secure and compliance to all security process and guidelines
  • Making sure that all changes in database are fully understood, documented, tested, reviewed and approved before going to production
  • Providing guidelines and examples of how to handle production issues such as log checking, reading CPU/Memory/IO information, finding queries that consumes the most resources, finding queries that blocks other queries, high active session, tracing queries executed by specific user, etc.
  • Providing guidelines of how to read SQL execution plan, how to improve it, which indexes are useful and which are not, etc.
  • Providing technical recommendation to improve existing queries.


Bachelor's degree in Computing Science.


  • Flexi work arrangement
  • Employee Recognition Award
  • E-wallet pocket money
  • Breakfast days
  • Company Trip
  • Sports outings