Grace Ooi Chia Huey

Executive, Marketing

BA (Hons) Business (International Business and Marketing), Taylor’s University, 2013

At university
My degree program at Taylor’s University enabled me to acquire knowledge of advanced marketing concepts and practices within a global environment, which is highly relevant to my current role at Top Glove, where the world is our market. My course has also familiarised me with market research and analysis, strategic planning, and integrated marketing communications, which is helpful when dealing with the company’s global customer base.

My background
This is my first job after graduation. However, I had an internship back in my hometown, Penang, with a world class, non-profit training and educational centre, Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC). There, I learnt to implement various marketing strategies in the areas of advertising, promotional activities, market research, customer support, press releases and events.

My company and job
As a marketer with the world’s largest rubber glove manufacturer, I conduct worldwide geographical market research and analysis, acquire sales by reaching out to potential customers in 195 countries, and service existing accounts. In a nutshell, I am involved in exciting business processes with people across the globe.

The best and worst bits
I believe the worst bits of my job are actually the best for me as they promote career growth. We face challenges and crisis daily, dealing with complex business processes (exportations) and are sometimes required to attend to requests from customers in a different time zone. Our customers naturally have high expectations of product and service quality. However, the opportunity to travel and meet people of different ethnicities has kept me excited about my job!

My most memorable achievement at work
There is still a lot for me to learn and experience. However, with the guidance and support of my superiors, I managed to convert several potential customers after a series of follow-ups, and managed to hit my sales target even as a newbie.

Getting the job
I believe academic results, job knowledge, and communication skills played a significant role. Aside from that, a healthy lifestyle – Top Glove emphasises employee health and promotes a work-life balance. I still remember my body mass index (BMI) being measured on the day of my interview! I also believe being a sportsperson could have scored me bonus points that helped me land the job.

Be prepared for
...being highly adaptive, versatile and resourceful in every aspect especially when dealing with complex cross-boundary business processes. We need to be alert and swift in resolving issues raised, from production to delivery, to ensure utmost satisfaction on our customers’ part.

Some advice
As a fresh graduate, we have nothing to lose. So, don’t be afraid to take up challenges and new experiences to create greatness. Enjoy whatever you do, including your job, to the fullest!