Jamie Teoh Li Chin

Vice President and Team Head, Commercial Banking

Bachelor of Commerce, Curtin University, 2008

At university
I studied business and my major was in marketing and management. Although my degree is not directly related to my current job, it has nonetheless provided me with a strong foundation and useful skill set when I first started. Therefore, it is important to take up subjects that build strong fundamentals.

My background
After graduation, I joined United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd as Credit Management Trainee, where I underwent a six-month trainee programme as well as on-the-job training. The programme gave me a good head start for the banking and finance industry.

My company and job
My job in UOB is to process and evaluate credit applications. Collectively, my team and I play an important role in ensuring that the bank approves credit application by borrowers who meet the criteria.

The best and worst bits
The best part of my job is having the opportunity to meet different clients from various industries. The exposure is great! I get to learn a lot about their respective business. Sometimes, clients come to us with challenging requests, but past experience has taught me how to handle such requests professionally, and work closely with my team for a solution.

My most memorable achievement at work
I thoroughly enjoyed the corporate social responsibility project that I did last year, Leaders are Readers, I conducted educational lessons for underprivileged students in rural schools with the aim of improving their English.

Getting the job
Paper qualification may help to get us a job interview. What got me the job was the confidence, knowledge and communication skill that I demonstrated during the interview.

Be prepared for
The banking industry is highly competitive. We must know how to work efficiently to meet customers’ needs within tight deadlines.

Some advice
Be willing to learn and be proactive. If you like to have a feel of working in different fields, join a management trainee programme. You stand to gain knowledge and be exposed to different fields through job rotations.