Stephy, Yeong Choi Kam

Personal Banker Associate

BA (Hons) in E-commerce & Marketing, Sheffield Hallam University UK, 2012

At university
I pursued e-commerce and marketing which was my first choice for a degree. The course prepared me well in the aspects of communicating with people, selling ideas, and sharing experiences. It also helped develop my personality and widen my perspective of life.

My background
Before joining United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd, I had interned as a collection officer. I also have the experience of working as an event planner and IT-service desk analyst. I joined UOB because I seek excitement and challenge in the banking industry. I am driven by the daily business targets and goals of my current job.

My company and job
I joined UOB in August 2013 as a personal banker. My day-to-day responsibilities include marketing and promoting a wide range of banking and investments products.

The best and worst bits
The job has provided me with a lot of satisfaction, especially when I succeed in selling ideas or products to customers. However, sometimes I do find it hard to juggle between meeting customers, doing follow-ups, and completing all the required paperwork at the same time. I must brush up on my time management skills!

My most memorable achievement at work
I was the first assistant personal banker in UOB who managed to close the deal on three investing plans during the first week on the job. I joined the Elite Club Member (an internal staff incentive programme) in less than five months from the time I started to work in UOB.

Getting the job
During the interview process, I demonstrated good communication skills, a clear thought process and a positive attitude. I think those were the qualities that got me the job.

Be prepared for
We must be ready to work hard in order to succeed. Stay optimistic and keep yourself motivated.

Some advice
Focus on your skills and talents. Make full use of your strengths and don’t dwell on your perceived weaknesses.