Tan Joo Han

Deposit Marketing Manager

BA Chemical Engineering, Monash University Malaysia

At university
I took up engineering which has taught me to be analytical in my work. I am able to analyse each situation and formulate different strategies as I serve customers.

My background
I joined UOB as a fresh graduate. Previously, I did my internship in shared services and water treatment companies. I learnt the art of procurement while interning in shared services.

My company and job
My current job involves managing issues of non-borrowing customers, growing branch deposits, and farming foreign exchange revenue.

The best and worst bits
The best part of my job is the opportunity to meet new people. Having co-operative teammates also boosts morale. In my opinion, there is no worst bit in any job. With the right mindset, each encounter is a learning experience.

Getting the job
Having come from an engineering background with minimal banking knowledge, I had to go through several rounds of the interview process. In the end, I believe that my communication skills, coupled with my thirst for knowledge, helped me secure this job offer.

Be prepared for
Always be prepared to meet all kinds of people in the banking industry. Be courteous and responsive to all of them, even when times are tough.

Some advice
Take a chance with your future! It does not matter which education background you are from, the banking line welcomes you if you have the right attitude.