FMCG/Consumer Goods

Length/duration of opportunity

3 - 6 months

Job scope

We customize the job scope based on supervisor’s requirement, and also intern’s interest and strength. An intern will receive a comprehensive program structure on his/her first day onboard.


Have the right attitude, willing to go the extra miles and with technically sound knowledge.


  • RM1000 monthly allowance.
  • Meal Allowance RM3.50 per day.
  • Staff Purchase (Max 1 carton per month).
  • Interns will not be entitled to annual leaves. However, in the event an intern has planned a vacation or unplanned emergencies that result in being away, supervisors may exercise reasonable flexibility. (No deduction in allowances applies).
  • Interns will also not be eligible for any overtime, as any work exposure beyond work hours are voluntary to gain additional experience. (Supervisors are also encouraged to ensure that any after office work be reduced to a minimum for any interns).