Volkswagen Group


With approximately 663,000 employees in total, the Volkswagen Group is one of the largest employers in the world. Our aim of becoming the most attractive employer in the automotive industry is one of the main components in the corporate strategies for our brands and companies. Our successful performance and systematic approach to human resources management help to make us even more attractive as an employer. In 2020, we were rated top in a number of different employer rankings. The Volkswagen Group offers a wide array of job and career opportunities, both to young people at the start of their careers and more experienced professionals. All of the Group’s brands and companies have created their own tailor-made trainee and professional development programmes. For example, dual vocational training plays a key role. In December 2020, the Volkswagen Group employed 17,939 apprentices, participating in one of our 60 apprenticeships or 50 dual vocational training programmes. The Group also offers employees the chance to set themselves challenges on a more international scale and enables them to expand their horizons by working with people from different cultures. Targeted staff exchanges between our Group companies gives them the opportunity to develop their skills in an international environment. Volkswagen offers an amazing array of opportunities to all candidates looking to develop on a global scale. The Group’s brands and companies are responsible for managing recruitment and training of new employees.

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