Computer And Electronic Product Manufacturing

Do you identify as a gadget geek? Read on more as sheds some light on this area of work!

The computer and electronic product manufacturing sector is in the business of designing, building and mass producing hardware and electronic gadgets. These products include a range of devices from children’s playthings, household appliances and office equipment to sophisticated research contraptions and military hardware. Spurred by innovation and ongoing consumer demand, the industry is set to continue growing.

Companies within the industry include large conglomerates and many small operations. These organisations may engage in specific areas such as manufacturing or in every aspect from conceptualisation to distribution.

The industry seeks versatile and multiskilled candidates from computing and ICT backgrounds as well as engineering graduates with specialisations in electronics and manufacturing. In addition to dedicated technical personnel, the sector also welcomes those with business and communication experience to uphold the financial, management and marketing activities. 

Employers in this sector include:

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD):
Hewlett Packard (HP):