Learning from Leaders of AIA Shared Services

Read on to learn from a distinguished leader of AIA Shared Services, Vivienne Yap Lee Kuan, Head of Hong Kong (HK) & Singapore (SG) Customer Service Operations as she shares her leadership wisdom.
Vivienne Yap Lee Kuan
Head of Hong Kong (HK) & Singapore (SG) Customer Service Operations

1. What do you do in your current role?

I’m a member of the senior leadership team, known as the Executive Committee. My tasks involve leading the day-to-day operations, providing direction, coordinating and executing initiatives that drive productivity in line with corporate objectives and delivering excellent overall customer service experience to our customers.

I also oversee Policy Owner Services (POS) and Policy Member Maintenance (PMM) for our customers in Hong Kong and Singapore. POS relates to the handling and maintenance of policy owners’ static data including renewal, withdrawal, premium adjustment and underwriting; while PMM includes handling renewal processing and data entry of member movement for Corporate Solutions businesses.

2. What makes you a good leader?

I believe that a good leader must have a clear focus and direction, is courageous, has integrity, humility as well as is transparent in decisions and undertakings. I am also a strong believer in strategic planning and teamwork. It is important for me and my fellow colleagues to be aligned with our objectives in order for us to achieve a common goal.

Ultimately, having a clear focus, a well-defined plan, good team support and the ability to ensure timely execution of our initiatives will help us achieve our business goals and objectives.

3. Who do you draw inspiration from?

I look up to my previous manager, Edwin Newis. He was my mentor in the previous organisation that I was engaged to. Edwin is not only a humble and approachable leader, he is also known to drive his team by inspiring and motivating them. He has a strong passion towards the role he serves in and is always enthusiastic about the tasks and challenges he receives.

Edwin never fails to allocate time for his staff and often assists them to identify their strengths, needs, and priorities. He also makes them feel valued while continuously reinforcing how their efforts are making a difference.

4. What can younger employees do today to build their leadership skills?

The business landscape is changing rapidly, driven by innovation in technology and a highly competitive environment. Businesses know that they need to change just as fast to cope. Here, younger employees play a vital role.

They are much more exposed to the technological advancements around them. They can utilise this advantage by keeping abreast with the latest developments in their field and bringing recommendations and solutions on how these new technologies can be used to improve processes and productivity at the workplace. Younger employees should also go the extra mile in developing their skills and knowledge, as well as acquire new skills that can enable them to grow in their roles.

5. What is your personal mantra that keeps you going?

I strongly believe that effective planning aids our growth strategy. Failing to plan is planning to fail. There is no shortcut to success. If we make it a point to plan, it will give us a clear perspective on what we need to do, what goals are to be achieved and what amount of time should be spent on completing the said goals.