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Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

The gradmalaysia dream team interviewed Joanne Ho-Lee of Red Bull Malaysia to pick her social media wizard brains. 

Self-branding: Building Marketability_2017

Keith Lai, Strategic Recruiter for Taylor’s Education, group talks to Joanna Mary on the key principles that graduates should follow to build a good brand for themselves.

gradmalaysia_Article_Once Upon A Time: An Introduction To Creative Copywriting_2017.jpg

Lifelong writer Jaideep Patel guides us through the peaks and the valleys of creative copywriting.

gradmalaysia_Article_Media 101 Lessons On Surviving In Media_2017

You are on your way to become a communication graduate but you have no idea what to expect from the industry? Read on for some takeaway lessons as Joanna Mary shines some light on standing out in the highly competitive media market by having a quick chat with Media Prima.