Sector (s)

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Length/duration of opportunity

Full time

Job Scope

1. To ensure checking of all received raw materials label against information on Delivery Orders and checking of physical

conditions of raw materials including packaging.

2. To ensure QC Department is informed for sampling and labelled the material with quarantine status label.

Storage of Raw Materials

1. To ensure newly received raw materials are stored in the Quarantine Area until approval is obtained from the QC

Department and "approved" raw materials are transferred from Quarantine Area into Approved Area.

2. To ensure storage of raw materials are in the arrangement complying with the "First In First Out"(FIFO) system.

3. To ensure all raw materials are stored in the area with conditions suitable to their nature, to avoid deterioration.

4. To ensure temperature and humidity of finished goods store areas are within the specification.

5. To ensure all rejected raw materials are stored in the dedicated Rejected Area.

6. To ensure all raw materials stored are labelled with a status label.

7. To ensure packaging of all raw materials are in good conditions and sealed properly after QC sampling.

Issuance of Raw Materials to Production

1. To ensure monitoring of raw materials issued for production use by checking against the BMR and recording of control

number and weight/quantity issued into the BMR.

2. To ensure updating of stock card immediately upon issuance of the raw materials to Production.

3. To ensure outer packaging of the raw materials issued are marked with the name of the material, quantity issue, control number,

batch number and date of issuance.

4. To ensure availability of raw materials are checked within 48 after request received (receive of BMR from Production).

Receive of Returned Raw Materials from Production

1. To ensure returned raw materials from Production are checked and weight/quantity of the raw materials is verified.

2. To ensure updating of stock cards with exact weight/quantity of returned raw materials.

Stock and Inventory Control

1. To ensure availability of raw materials in meeting Production demand by checking of raw material stock level on a weekly or

monthly basis.

2. To ensure quantity of physical stocks is tally with quantity on record.

3. To ensure every transaction of material is recorded on daily basis.

4. To ensure order/purchase of materials once stock reaches minimum level.

Cleanliness and Housekeeping

1. To ensure cleanliness and housekeeping, as well as Pest Controls of the Raw Materials Store area, are conducted as


Maintenance of the Forklifts

1. To ensure maintenance of the forklifts by checking its conditions, recording of speedometer and charging of battery,

2. To ensure service of forklifts after every 10,000 meters.

3. To ensure only qualified staffs drive the forklift.


Receiving of Raw Materials

1. To check and monitor the cycle count activities held in the raw material store.

2. To review subordinate KPI achievement report weekly/monthly.

3. To submit KPI achievement report weekly/monthly.

4. To perform any other relevant duties as and when required by immediate superior and management.

5. To check and monitor other warehouse activities in absence of any Warehouse Executive.



• Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent

• Fluent in written and communication in both English and Malay Language.

• At least 2-5 years working experience in warehouse, preferably in Pharmaceutical manufacturing Companies.

• Have good sense knowledge of warehousing, GMP & PIC/S and ISO 9001, 18001 & 14001

• Able to work under pressure in meeting the datelines. Have good sense knowledge of warehousing, GMP & PIC/S and ISO9001, 18001 & 14001

• Able to work independently and a team player.