What Employers Want at AIA Shared Services

Read on to find out more about What Employers Want from Cathlyn Chong, Head of Human Resources at AIA Shared Services!
Cathlyn Chong
Head of Human Resources

 1. Do you hire candidates with a below-average CGPA and why?

Yes, we do. Qualification is important but the attitude of the candidate is important too. We try to identify candidates with the right attitude towards work – talents who possess the willingness and ability to learn fast, enthusiastic, possess a can-do attitude and are positive minded.

 2. In a résumé, is it better to focus on academic achievements or extracurricular activities and work experience?

There should be a balance. As I mentioned earlier on, qualification is important. However, we learned that candidates who possess a good balance in terms of academic achievements and participation in extracurricular activities tend to have a better ability to assimilate and cope with demands of the work environment. Of course, having work experience will give them an edge and highlighting the experience gained in their résumé will certainly help candidates stand out.

 3. Do you consider hiring graduates who are looking for a job in an industry that differs from their academic background?

Yes, we certainly welcome graduates across various disciplines of study. Importantly, graduates must be willing to learn and are interested in the role they are applying for. We want people who are agile, who can think and act differently, and who are brave enough to take up new challenges.

 4. In your opinion, what makes a good interview?

Candidates must be confident, good in articulating their thoughts, able to demonstrate maturity and possess logical thinking, as well as being clear about what they want to achieve.

 5. What constitutes an ace employee in your organisation?

Employees should possess the following skills and characteristics: determination, goal-oriented, self-drivenwillingness to take up new challenges, ability to think beyond the box, agility, not afraid to push their limits, a sense of urgency, and common sense.

 6. Are there any job-seeking hacks that would give a candidate an extra edge?

Candidates who demonstrate exceptional qualities such as the ability to handle difficult situations outside of work or have been involved in societies during their school or university days, tend to have an edge since these demonstrates how responsible they are and reflects a high level of maturity.